Apr. 17th, 2017

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There was a really pissed-off squirrel in a mulberry tree in the backyard this morning, hissing with its tail puffed up like a bristle brush. I think it was scared of Booboo, even though he was watching from inside!

The yard is greening up all over. I don't think any of our roses died over the winter.

I got Lagi's Love Ending in Wand of Fortune R this weekend. I guess that even if the events don't happen on the exact day the FAQ calls for, you still have a bit of leeway! I'm usually divided on the Kakki characters, but I thought that Lagi was pretty cute.

In spite of my reservations and tendency to hate every game that I play that isn't by Takuyo, I actually like Wand of Fortune. Maybe it's because it's almost a decade old, but the writing seems better than it's been recently in Otomate games, even if the scenes are somewhat mundane.

I'm doing Est's route now. Est is a very popular character, and I can kind of see why, but jeez, his new recorded lines sound weird! I don't know if Irino's voice changed due to nature or nurture, but in the new lines Est sounds like so much like Todomatsu it's pretty off-putting. Maybe they shouldn't have voiced those extra lines, ha ha ha..

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