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And I think we're supposed to get a big ol' rainstorm this weekend. The sun was nice while it lasted!

So much crap going on in this country lately. I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

Finished my trip down memory lane with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest last night, and lemme tell ya...that game is shit. Total garbage. I think that Spencer's Place, with the rushing water and that pretty music was kind of nice, but other than that I got absolutely nothing out of the experience. I compare it to going to a party as an introvert. You tell yourself that you have to be social, and sometimes they can be fun, but in the end it turns out to be a lousy experience and you wish you had just stayed home. But this was just a video game! It was not an obligation! Anyway, the game sucked much more than I remembered. Never play it!

On the WOFr front, I'm putting off doing Julius' Route as long as possible because I'm not into effeminate nerds. I played Better Card to get the new Liar's Cards for all the dateable characters. Est's and Alvaro's clips were hilarious! The others...not so much. Beautiful artwork, though, with the exception of Noel's picture, because he had his freaking eyes closed.

I also got Est's friendship ending, because there was a new CG for his ending that I hadn't been able to find online. The ending was pretty much a cop-out, but the CG was very beautiful. After I'm done with the required stuff to unlock the rest of the fan disk, I might try to get Lagi's friendship ending too. Thank god for the fast forward function!

I'm going to do Amy's Route now. She has the same seiyuu as Neige from Sweet Clown, ha ha ha...
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