Jan. 1st, 2017

First Post.

Jan. 1st, 2017 11:40 am
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I kept thinking I wanted to change my username, because it's kind of lost its meaning to me and I think it's too cutesy. But I was really stumped, so it stays. I've never been a chameleon, lol...
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I think it's unfortunate that this service doesn't have an app. It's more convenient for me to update my blog from a mobile device than to sit down at a PC and do it. Especially if someone else needs to use said PC. Oh well. I'll get over it, lol...

After several days of fumbling by the USPS, I finally received my copy of Getsuei no Kusari: Kyouran Moratorium for the Vita. Since the series is relatively unpopular in Japan and probably won't be reviewed on Amazon for a year, I'm going to be a real pioneer! Takuyo has added a ton of extra content to this version of the game. I ordered the limited edition, which means I got a lovely CD with the opening and ending theme and drama tracks of the heroine committing double suicide with each date-able character...

Yeah, you read that right! A Double-Suicide drama cd! Come on, Takuyo, I love your games, especially Getsuei, but that is really, really tasteless. Maybe I should have bought the regular edition, ha ha ha...

Anyway, I've been playing the game for a few days now and the language is hard. Very very hard. But it's worth it. I had been slacking off on my studying lately because of the holidays and most Otomate games are easy enough for me at this point to get through without a dictionary. But when you are playing a game and the voice actors involved have commented on the difficulty of the language for a native Japanese speaker...it's very challenging. Unfortunately, from my experience with visual novels, the difficult ones are almost always good and the easy ones are usually crap.

I've run out of Choice of Games novels to play for the time being. I keep deleting songs off my iPod to make room for them, lol...

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