Jan. 15th, 2017

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Well, it certainly is winter. I enjoyed that one day in the 50s, lol...

Made the frosted sugar cookie bars and devoured them. They will be sorely missed.

In spite of the frigid weather, some of our roses still have green canes. Those are the keepers! Constance Spry is now around 7 ft tall at the beginning of its third year. She will be the rose to conquer the world!

I'm still doing Satoya's AU route in Moratorium. The POV briefly switched to his perspective and man...he is really a jealous little prick in this story! Maybe I feel a tiny bit sorry for him, but when he thinks his position is threatened he's really no different from Sae in the original game. He's channeling his inner Seisuke, I think. It's nice that they gave him a dark side in this story, but it's quite a dark side. I hope they reveal something nasty about Wataru as well!

Man, Nozomu really is the sweetest one in the bunch deep down, even if he is craaaaazy!

Even if it was the only game Takuyo released this year, I'm grateful that they put a lot of work into the port of Moratorium. I hope they do a fan disk for Sweet Clown soon. I have high hopes that it will be much better than the crap that Otomate has been releasing! What's the point of releasing 20 games a year if only one of them doesn't suck?

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