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She's a Winter Season Kurhn that Kristen rerooted for me with Dollyhair Nylon in After Midnight. Since nylon hair is such a pain to work with, I really hated to ask her to do it...but I think the doll turned out beautifully.

The Seasons dolls have a different face from the typical Kurhn; a bit older and very serene. Aside from her brown eyes and long hair, I think that Sophie looks like Kitty Kitten from Space Runaway Ideon. Hold onto that head, Sophie! XD
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Can't make Kristen do everything, LOL...

Though she did get the doll's head off for me. She was on a NEO body and removing the head from that body is a harrowing experience! I switched it out for a Bihaku Excellent B body. Now she's slimmer and fits into more clothes!

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We haven't seen much yet today, but most of it is supposed to fall in the overnight hours. Globbit! The roses had finally start poke their way out of the snowdrifts. Our bottom-of-the-hill roses (AUSjo, Madames Hardy and Plantier, Paul Ricault, etc) appear to be intact but Quietness has likely been squashed flat. No more snow, please!

I gave Nycteris her boil-perm tonight. She actually has turned out a lot better than I expected. I even managed to do the side braids in her ponytail! The only thing I changed from the design was to give her many small curls in back instead of one big one. I thought that if I used drinking straw rollers in her hair it would but the wrong scale for her face.

I don't know why the hairstyle and face option I used for her isn't pictured on the official Fire Emblem: Awakening website. I haven't seen anyone use the same hairstyle I did, either. As for her hair color, I just have such an obsession with blue hair...I couldn't help myself.
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Veronika Up Close. by Leenechan
Veronika Up Close., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

So much for that angled bob! Her face is totally wrong for it.

This is my second Monster High reroot. I can't believe I used Seaglow again...

I think I had a My Little Pony with similiar coloring while I was growing up.

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Soon Robecca will be on her way to be repainted. Asellus isn't quite finished yet; Kristen has been working on her all along, but now that her commissions are starting to come in I'm probably going to do the rest of her myself. If I can get my fingers to move!

Maybe it's because of the weather, but I'm feeling so creaky that I can barely type. Either that or I'm still feeling the effects of damaging my wrists playing too much Mario Kart 7 last weekend. I'm quitting that game for now. Video games shouldn't cripple you for days!

We tried making Brigadeiros from the recipe in Cook's Illustrated's DIY cookbook. I think they set a little too soft but they are addictively delicious. Not bad for a recipe that includes only three ingredients (cocoa powder, butter and sweetened condensed milk)! The recipe called to cook the mixture for 20-25 minutes and we did it for 30, but after we rolled the cooled mixture into balls they went splat and spread out like drop cookies. Maybe it takes longer on an electric stove? We'll probably try it again in two weeks. They have a lot of promise!
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Princess Bubblegum. by Leenechan
Princess Bubblegum., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

My favorite Princess Bubblegum quote of all time. XD

Well, here she is, and I think she turned out adorable! Kristen rerooted my 1.0 Draculaura with Dollyhair Saran in Mauvelous Pink and Sherbet Pink. I'm not sure if it's an exact color match for Bubblegum's hair, but it's very pretty.

No Nap Time (Angela Juarez) did a great job repainting her face. It had to be an artist's interpretation, because PB's eyes are just black dots. She has a starburst effect in her irises and some gold shimmer powder. I had the hardest time keeping her hair out of her face for this picture. It's very windy today.

Luckily Princess Bubblegum has a vast wardrobe in the show. I suppose her head is a bit too large for the character, but beggars can't be choosers!

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The moles have started digging tunnels in the front yard as well. Every morning I go out and check to make sure that none of the roses have been dug under or are starting to lean. So far so good...

We had an extra bag of mulch lying around that we bought to winter protect the roses--we got sidetracked by Hurricane Sandy and never got around to finishing the job. This afternoon I finally ripped into it. I'll never feel like I did a good enough job, even though our roses are all cold hardy to at least Zone 5. With only a few exceptions, they're too tall for me to protect their canes to the tips.

Of all the roses left in the bottom-of-the-hill bed, Jude the Obscure has strangely ended up the biggest. We got it as an 11-inch tall gallon in the middle of May and now its tallest cane is 43 inches. I can't think of any explanation for its vigor, other than the fact that we had a very hot summer. We usually get it hot and rainy around here! Madame Hardy is a three cane wonder--two canes are under a foot tall and the one in the center is 45 inches. I get very nervous for her on windy days. I hope she's bendy. Madame Plantier is a little shorter but more well-rounded.

Other larger than expected roses are Griff's Red (started out 15 inches, ended up 45 inches), Enchanted Autumn (started at 14'', ended up 43''), Duchesse de Montebello (started out 10 inches, ended up 32'') and Iobelle (started out as a tiny 9-inch band and is now a 3 foot tall semi-dormant rose chilling in a pot in our unheated foyer). Chapeau de Napoleon started the year with its longest cane at 9'' and now it's 33''.

Poor Marianne came to us as a 22-inch tall gallon, was ripped out of the ground by a mole, potted up and prayed over and now she's steadily leafing out in our foyer, at 28 inches. Better than nothing, right?

The only thing I can say about Felicite Parmentier is that she's still alive. I will give her the benefit of the doubt. I know she has big roots below the surface (we couldn't even dig her up), but her top growth has shrunk from 10'' to 6''. She's like shades of Prairie Sunrise all over again!

I don't know what these roses are going to look like after being battered by snow and wind for several months. It's too early to sing victory for us!

Kristen has finished rerooting Princess Bubblegum with Dollyhair saran in Sherbet Pink and Mauvelous Pink. The blend is really pretty, but I can't show her off yet because she has no face! She'll be going on a trip real soon, mwah hah hah!
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"Hello!" by Leenechan
"Hello!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

I can't remember when was the last time I got a Pure Neemo. I think it was Raili in June of 2011?

I had wanted an Alisa for the longest time, but I always liked the limited versions better than the standard releases. The limited version of this doll had pink blend hair and a white dress. =_= I was partial to the white dress, but I figured it wouldn't age well.

Why does Azone insist on giving all their standard release dolls boring blond hair? Why why why? Well, it didn't matter in the long run, because Kristen rerooted this girl for me. With purple pigtails!

I've renamed her Iris after a custom doll I did a looong time ago. Like many of the others, she was an interesting idea held back by my lack of painting ability. I really do think I did better writing the doll's profiles than painting the dolls....kukuku...

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Best Friends? by Leenechan
Best Friends?, a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

I'm so in love with this customized Frankie Stein! I usually don't rename my repainted Monster High dolls, but this girl is so unique and gorgeous that I want to come up with a new name and story for her. I'm going to have to think of a way to explain away those stitches, though! I think that she looks like a witch or an alien princess. Probably not a nice girl, though...

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I don't think I ever posted this doll in her unadulterated state! She's a former TRU exclusive I Love Fashion Frankie that Kristen rerooted for me with Restoredoll saran in Sea Glow. Her original hair was black and white with wide stripes and kind of made her look like a skunk. XD

I was originally planning on having this girl repainted but I might just leave her as is. There isn't really anything wrong with her face aside from a light scratch in her eyeshadow. She doesn't have eye wonk, at least. Plus, her new hair goes so well with her makeup!

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Ghost in the Garden. by Leenechan
Ghost in the Garden., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

She was originally a Skull Shores Ghoulia that Kristen rerooted for me with Restoredoll saran in Snow White. Unfortunately, the white hair with her default makeup made her look like a nutty old lady...so Kristen sent her to the very talented armeleia to be repainted as a trade for this really awesome rerooted CAM witch head.

And here she is, wearing Spectra 1.0's dress. I love her a lot! I haven't quite paid Kristen back for the reroot, though...any day now!

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The Mysterious Silver Rose. by Leenechan
The Mysterious Silver Rose., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

If there's one complaint I have against "Silver Shadows," it's that the flowers are often flat rosettes instead of hybrid tea shaped. This one looks pretty good, though--and pretty silver!

I am in awe of this customized Frankie I received in the mail last week. She's a Dead Tired Frankie Kristen rerooted with Dollyhair saran in Cupcake Pink and Cotton Candy Pink, and repainted by Retrograde Works. I hadn't originally intended on having this girl repainted, but her eyepaint was damaged in the rerooting process. That kind of thing usually doesn't happen when Kristen rerooted these dolls, but DT Frankie's eyes seem to be abnormally sticky. Now I feel like a whole world has been opened up to me. Isn't she beautiful?

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Rochelle's big ol' face. by Leenechan
Rochelle's big ol' face., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

I bet that rerooting Rochelle Goyle would be quite a project!

Still, I can't help but wonder how she'd look with the hair colors reversed: mostly blue with hot pink streaks? Even if it were just a matter of restoring her hair with higher quality saran, anything has to be better than this frizz.

I'm thinking of asking Kristen to reroot my Operetta. That gorgeous face deserves hair to match. I'd probably be indebted to her for the rest of my life, though. ::snickers:: I wonder how she'd look with dark purple hair, no bangs and curly?

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Those white bleeding hearts have been hanging around for a long time!

Kristen rerooted this Dead Tired Draculaura for me a little while ago. Her hair is Snow White, Platinum White and Mint Ice. All scraps left over from other projects, but isn't she sweet?

I had to repaint the lips on this doll, too. She came with such a cute face, but her lip paint was damaged. Originally I had wanted to go wacky and give her green lips, but once I started to apply the paint I thought it looked ugly. So I wiped them again and repainted her lips in Dark Victorian Rose, just like I did with that Day at the Maul Draculaura that Kristen sold a few months ago.

Except this doll is cuter. Because she's not Day at the Maul Draculaura.

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Reach out and grab it! by Leenechan
Reach out and grab it!, a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

I know that white lilies are the traditional flowers of Easter, but I like poppies better.

I've never posted this rerooted Dead Tired Ghoulia here before, have I? Kristen did her for me in Restoredoll saran in Ash Brown and Cotton Candy. She has a slightly wonky eye, but I think she's lovely!

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I went out shopping today. I set foot inside a Toys R Us for the first time since 1999, and let me tell ya...I was not impressed. As far as Monster High dolls, all they had was a pile of Dead Tired Draculauras and Ghoulias, and one Sweet 1600 Frankie with a lovely face and messed-up bangs. She would have been a great reroot candidate if not for her $32.99 price tag.

So I retreated in defeat and turned to the Lalaloopsy aisle. They had all the Series One Littles, Silly Hair Bea Spells-a-Lot (not as cute as I thought, and $37.99!!), the big version of Forest Evergreen (cute, but not for me) and a handful of the dessert-themed minis. I ended up buying my very first mini Lalaloopsy, Cherry Crisp Crust. I doubt I'll make a habit of spending almost $8 for something my cat could swallow, but some of the minis are quite unique!

Then I checked Target. The only Monster High doll they had was one Skull Shores Ghoulia! They did, however, have all the Series Two Lalaloopsy Littles minus Pita Mirage, and let me tell ya...Trinket Sparkles was a lot cuter than I thought she'd be. So I bought her. ::sobs:: What the hell is wrong with me? I've been really attracted to pink things lately. I'm willing to crack heads for the full-sized version of Charlotte Charades, whenever she comes out...

I can't believe that I finally found that large crystal colorless decorating sugar--at Target, of all places! I'm going to sprinkle it on blueberry muffins, pumpkin bread, blueberry pie...I'm so thrilled that I don't have to order it from King Arthur flour, or something equally stupid.
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"Grow, I command you!" by Leenechan
"Grow, I command you!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

...even though she was! XD

Here's my reward for reaching my eighth writing goal, Dead Tired Cleo de Nile. I only had to write twelve pages for her, but it felt like a lot because I've started using a college-ruled notebook.

I'm thinking of taking a week off from writing. I've been working non-stop since January 27th! I've written about 200 handwritten pages, which typed up I'm guessing is about 80 or 90. I'm having a hard time making grammatical sentences, and I'm constantly having to dig into my thesaurus to avoid using the same adjectives over and over and over... It's only natural that I'd start to burn out after a while.

I think I need to refresh myself with a good book. I don't remember the last time I've read one of those!

I think that my prologue chapter is turning into a novella. I'm just gonna ride the wave and see how it turns out. It might become Book One in a saga, after all!
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No, she's not my work! XD

This Skull Shores Draculaura was rerooted for me by tsubasahome with Dollyhair saran in Violet Iris. I'm sure that most people would put her in a Gothic Lolita dress. I think the Newspaper Club outfit looks pretty cute on her!

She reminds me of a custom doll I did a loooong time ago. But don't worry, this girl is still Draculaura! That character was a horrid Mary Sue, and I would never inflict her on anyone ever again!

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Tomorrow is the first day of spring, actually. March is usually pretty miserable, but thanks to this mini-heat wave all our flowers are blooming early!

Sometimes I look at the Pure Neemos compared to the Monster High dolls and think "These are so perfect." And other times I think that they're boring. Koron looks pretty cute in that bush, though, doesn't she?

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"Get me outta here!" by Leenechan
"Get me outta here!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

And she sure is bright! It's 2.0/School's Out Lagoona!

I sure did have to write a lot to earn the right to debox her. Hey, she's a rare doll!

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