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Blooming for the first time this year! Kristen has a picture of it on her photostream. Go see, go see!


Beat Down.

May. 1st, 2013 03:53 pm
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Boo...our herbaceous peonies took a big hit from the harsh winter. A lot of them are half the size they were last year. I don't know if their diminished size is due to the winter weather or the ridiculous thaw/freeze last spring. Oh well. New bloomin' peonies will be Athena, Prairie Moon, Amalia Olson and Lorelei. I think I'm done with herbaceous peonies...ugh. No new plants for me!

Strangely enough, the Chinese tree peonies suffered little to no damage and are growing strong. I guess they are just better plants in general--long live tree peonies! Flying Swallow in a Red Dress will be blooming for the first time this year. No flowers from Black Tornado, but the plant itself has grown huge!

The roses actually didn't suffer much damage at all, in spite of the 3 foot blizzard. Siren's Keep, Silver Shadows #2 and Golden Princess are the only roses that suffered meaningful dieback. What is the world coming to when roses over-winter better than peonies? Gallicandy has become a big beast over the past few weeks. I don't see any buds on any of the once-blooming roses yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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I know that Kristen posted this one in her blog, but I admire this peony so much I wanted to post it too! This is probably my favorite of the new peonies. At first I thought it looked too much like "Coral Supreme" but after this flower opened up all the way I realized how much more beautiful it is. That deep orangey-pink color! Those heart-shaped petals! And over the course of a few days it fades so beautifully, changing from dark coral to peach to, finally, lemon yellow looking to the world like it hasn't aged, but transformed.

Not much of a fragrance, though.

Did I post this flower already? If I did, well, you get to see it again!

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Twin Moons. by Leenechan
Twin Moons., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Our peony "Moonstone" has been blooming for the past few days. It's really one of my favorite peonies, even though this is only its second year in the ground. It has strong stems and flowers so huge you have hold them with both hands. It also has the loveliest fragrance, like honey and melon, unlike most of the fragrant peonies that smell like cinnamon chewing gum. Our Chinese tree peony "Blue Butterfly" smelled the same except not as strongly.

Unfortunately, our lawn doesn't look so hot in the background.

Of our many peonies, I consider "Moonstone", "Paula Fay", "Coral Sunset" and "Cheddar Charm" to be my favorites. If I were to recommend anyone a peony to add to their garden, however, I would suggest "Moonstone" over the others. It really is perfect in every way!

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That's a funny name for a late blooming peony! But this is not an ordinary peony: it's an intersectional peony, a mutant cross between an herbaceous and tree peony. Quite a few of them are yellow, which is a very rare color for an herbaceous peony. "First Arrival" is not yellow...at least, it isn't supposed to be. Maybe it has cream centers because it's an immature plant?

It has a cute mounded habit and big, lovely flowers that unfortunately don't smell that good.

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I hadn't realized that the petals start off light pink. When I first saw it starting to open up, I freaked out and thought it was the wrong plant!

We actually planted "Cheddar Charm" two years ago. Last year the only bud got bud blast. This year it's doing much better!

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When you place preorders for roses without having any idea of where to put them. I just had Northland Rosarium put me on a reserve list for two David Austin roses for next year: Carding Mill and Lady Emma Hamilton.

Carding Mill:


Lady Emma Hamilton:


Those two look very similiar. XD

I don't why I have such an obsession with yellow, apricot and orange roses. I would never choose those colors for my clothes or home decor. Orange used to be my most hated color, but now I don't know...maybe I find it appetizing. I also love blush pink roses, and if they didn't show insect damage so much I'd love white, too. The only color I'm not really attracted to in a rose is red...but then again, I planted two red roses this year.

My favorite color is actually blue. As of lately, though, I've been more attracted to color combinations rather than single colors. Like robin's egg blue/cherry red, sage green/dark brown, sky blue/orange, violet/lemon yellow, blush pink/cream, etc.

I'm finding that the coral peonies at least look good paired with either white or fuchsia flowers. Like peaches and cream or peach melba.

Speaking of peonies, the only bud on Salmon Dream balled. ;_; This wet weather has really taken its toll. Sometimes I wonder why we have to choose such difficult plants. Then I look at our happily blooming oriental poppies and remember that for every failure there is a great success waiting to happen...

EDIT: That just reminded me of the one food I used to hate when I was a kid and now love. Orange marmalade! I still hate mayonnaise, though.
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"Coral Supreme" actually bloomed yesterday. I love the flowers on this peony but boy howdy does it get tall! It's about 4 1/2 ft, and since I'm only 5'1'' I have to stand on tippytoes to photograph it. You must be staking this beauty.

I love the coral peonies, but they ain't much in the fragrance department. Actually, you'd be better off not smelling them.

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It looks like the crud on peony "Salmon Dream" was only superficial fungus. I sprayed it with Actinovate last night and just peeled it off this morning. I think that maybe it will bloom after all?

Also, the buds on "James Mason" might have been destroyed by aphids, but I see a new bud forming! And now I have the insecticidal soap, as well as the most awesome hand sprayer ever:


Oh boy do I wish I had two more of these: one for Actinovate and one for Liquid Fence. It's so nice to be able to lock it into spray mode and coat the entire plant rather than constantly working the hand lever! Maybe if I hadn't gone over budget with the roses this year, I'd be able to buy a couple more...

Most of the new transplants are doing fine, but "Golden Princess" is sulking in her pot. I'm sure she'll recover.
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Hey, it's here and it's really red.

Unfortunately, we planted it in such a sunny spot that it's very difficult to photograph. But oh, what a color! I think the technical name is "Dark Red" but that's not very romantic. I'll call it "garnet."

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I wish that all flowers were as photogenic as the tall bearded irises!

I have the hardest time photographing roses, but taking pictures of irises and peonies is very rewarding.

I'll probably get a photo of Buckeye Belle later on. You can't really count your buds before they've opened. It seems that of all the new peonies, only Buckeye Belle hasn't suffered irrepairable weather-related damage to all its buds. That and First Arrival, which appears to be made of tough leather and is bulletproof.

Something broke the buds off James Mason...probably a bird, because they like to eat aphids and I found bird crap around the shrub. I'm not sure if we're going to get to see it bloom at all..but never fear, Marianne is here! With buds rapidly turning orange! And Madame Plantier is opening the rest of her buds. I think that I missed flowering for Madame Hardy, but she looks very happy in her spot.

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There's nothing quite like waking up to two forty pound boxes of roses on your front step. Christmas has come in May!

Chamblee's seems to be the place to go for Buck and Austin roses. It's a pity that they cut their shipping season off so early! I was a little disappointed that quite a few of the roses sustained mechanical damage, but since they're all gallon size, they'll be fine. No buds on the Austins, lots of buds on the Buck roses. The biggest Austin rose we got was Evelyn, followed by Scepter'd Isle. Jude the Obscure took a minor beating in the box, but it's still bigger than most of my roses from last year.

Cupcake and Margo Koster arrived in full bloom. Winter Sunset and Polonaise both have a few flowers.

My surprise favorite is Margo Koster. I've never seen a polyantha before, let alone a coral polyantha. It doesn't have a fragrance, but it sure is cute!

Winter Sunset is a gorgeous apricot color that matches our iris Coral Sunset. I do love my orange roses!

It looks like Buckeye Belle is going to bloom soon. The petals are blood red! That kind of came out of nowhere...
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Paula Fay's Second Day. by Leenechan
Paula Fay's Second Day., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Paula Fay is always more photogenic on the second day. The dark red petals have faded to a lovely strawberry pink.

Sometimes I think that this is my favorite of all the peonies in my yard, but then another one blooms...

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