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Acceptable? by Leenechan
Acceptable?, a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

...and once you get their heads off, they're the same as all the other ponies! Not like the alicorns! I had wanted to do Scootaloo first because she has a relatively simple hairstyle. Also, she's the only one whose head I could remove without screaming for help from Kristen, LOL...

I used Water Wax to add spikes to her hair. I don't think her hairstyle is 100 percent accurate, but I didn't want to cut her forelocks too short. It's not like they'd grow back if I overdid it!

Her hair is a blend of Restoredoll saran in Hot Pink and Purple Passion. I think it's an interesting combination. Maybe I'll try it on a Ghoulia some time.

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Pinkie Pie, Candy-Striped. by Leenechan
Pinkie Pie, Candy-Striped., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

That's right, it's another Pinkie!

This one came with the Nightmare Moon set. Compared to the Crystal Empire Single, she's smaller, and her eyes aren't as big. I rooted her mane a little bit thicker this time, in stripes of Tickled Pink, Hot Pink and Snow White saran to simulate the stripes on a candy cane.

I think she turned out pretty cute! I don't need two Pinkie Pies, though, so I'll be listing her for sale in a little while. If I posted that on flickr I'd get my ass banned!

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I ended up listing Twilight Mark One for sale on Kristen's Etsy shop because Mark Two has a widdle damage to her neckpost, probably because that one is from the jewelry set and made of slighter lower quality vinyl. I think that the ponies sold as singles are generally better quality. Also, I had to mix some Sapphire Blue into Mark Two's hair because I ran out of Looking Glass Blue, and I thought a perspective buyer might find that weird. Mark One has thicker hair for the same reason, LOL!

Anyway, please have a look if you're interested! I know I've been scrutinizing the stripes on these ponies, but I still think that they are pretty cute. Also, since I used saran and the needle-knot method to reroot, Twilight is no longer a disgusting glue-head!
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Fluttershy Reroot. by Leenechan
Fluttershy Reroot., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Here's Fluttershy! I had thought she'd be an easy project, but she actually turned out to quite tough.

Rerooting her was easy. I'm coming to terms with the fact that the hardest part about customizing the G4 ponies is dealing with the neckpost. I don't know how visible it is from the photo, but she has a little white mark in her neck from when I accidently dinged her with the hobby knife. Even though I only had to cut through the back of her neck in the end to be able to re-tail her, I still had a tough time getting her head back on without jamming the post back into the neck. The pegasus head-opening is smaller than that of the ponies for some reason. Their heads are harder to remove, and much harder to get back on. So in the end I had to use an Exacto knife to shave away at and widen her head-hole so I could reunite her head with her body without putting the loosened post under too much pressure. That worked out much better. I wish I had done that with Rainbow Dash...

I think her forelock curl is a bit too long, and she ought to have more volume at the roots. I still think she looks better than she did in box, though...

I honestly don't care for Fluttershy that much. I'm shy, too, but she just seems like a fetish character to me, LOL...

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Pinkie Pie Reroot. by Leenechan
Pinkie Pie Reroot., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Well, actually, this is how I spent last weekend. Three whole hours of last weekend.

Maybe if I had enough Hot Pink saran I would have left out the blue streaks. I had kind of wanted to do them anyway, because it seems that everyone and their dog has rehaired Pinkie Pie, or at least restyled her hair.

This is my first time rehairing a MLP, and I think she turned out pretty cute!

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Can't make Kristen do everything, LOL...

Though she did get the doll's head off for me. She was on a NEO body and removing the head from that body is a harrowing experience! I switched it out for a Bihaku Excellent B body. Now she's slimmer and fits into more clothes!

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Nycteris, Looking Crafty. by Leenechan
Nycteris, Looking Crafty., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Well, here's my girl Tactician from Fire Emblem: Awakening, all done! She actually turned out a lot better than I thought she would. She also took me a lot longer to reroot than I thought she would!

Her hair is a blend of Azure Blue and Hi Ho Silver Saran, which is the closest I could get to the steel blue color I picked for my Avatar's hair. In the game her ponytail is one big spiral curl rather than many little curls, but I thought that would look out of proportion with the doll's tiny face.

At least I managed the side braids!

It's hard to believe that this doll used to have a dark brown shag hairstyle.

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Veronika Up Close. by Leenechan
Veronika Up Close., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

So much for that angled bob! Her face is totally wrong for it.

This is my second Monster High reroot. I can't believe I used Seaglow again...

I think I had a My Little Pony with similiar coloring while I was growing up.

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Princess Bubblegum. by Leenechan
Princess Bubblegum., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

My favorite Princess Bubblegum quote of all time. XD

Well, here she is, and I think she turned out adorable! Kristen rerooted my 1.0 Draculaura with Dollyhair Saran in Mauvelous Pink and Sherbet Pink. I'm not sure if it's an exact color match for Bubblegum's hair, but it's very pretty.

No Nap Time (Angela Juarez) did a great job repainting her face. It had to be an artist's interpretation, because PB's eyes are just black dots. She has a starburst effect in her irises and some gold shimmer powder. I had the hardest time keeping her hair out of her face for this picture. It's very windy today.

Luckily Princess Bubblegum has a vast wardrobe in the show. I suppose her head is a bit too large for the character, but beggars can't be choosers!

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"Hello!" by Leenechan
"Hello!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

I can't remember when was the last time I got a Pure Neemo. I think it was Raili in June of 2011?

I had wanted an Alisa for the longest time, but I always liked the limited versions better than the standard releases. The limited version of this doll had pink blend hair and a white dress. =_= I was partial to the white dress, but I figured it wouldn't age well.

Why does Azone insist on giving all their standard release dolls boring blond hair? Why why why? Well, it didn't matter in the long run, because Kristen rerooted this girl for me. With purple pigtails!

I've renamed her Iris after a custom doll I did a looong time ago. Like many of the others, she was an interesting idea held back by my lack of painting ability. I really do think I did better writing the doll's profiles than painting the dolls....kukuku...

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Here's the rerooted I Love Fashion Frankie with her new face, courtesy of the very talented nonaptime. I fell in love with her painting style when I saw her Dead Master doll skyrocket in price on eBay. I feel very fortunate to own a piece of her work!

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I don't think I ever posted this doll in her unadulterated state! She's a former TRU exclusive I Love Fashion Frankie that Kristen rerooted for me with Restoredoll saran in Sea Glow. Her original hair was black and white with wide stripes and kind of made her look like a skunk. XD

I was originally planning on having this girl repainted but I might just leave her as is. There isn't really anything wrong with her face aside from a light scratch in her eyeshadow. She doesn't have eye wonk, at least. Plus, her new hair goes so well with her makeup!

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Those white bleeding hearts have been hanging around for a long time!

Kristen rerooted this Dead Tired Draculaura for me a little while ago. Her hair is Snow White, Platinum White and Mint Ice. All scraps left over from other projects, but isn't she sweet?

I had to repaint the lips on this doll, too. She came with such a cute face, but her lip paint was damaged. Originally I had wanted to go wacky and give her green lips, but once I started to apply the paint I thought it looked ugly. So I wiped them again and repainted her lips in Dark Victorian Rose, just like I did with that Day at the Maul Draculaura that Kristen sold a few months ago.

Except this doll is cuter. Because she's not Day at the Maul Draculaura.

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No, she's not my work! XD

This Skull Shores Draculaura was rerooted for me by tsubasahome with Dollyhair saran in Violet Iris. I'm sure that most people would put her in a Gothic Lolita dress. I think the Newspaper Club outfit looks pretty cute on her!

She reminds me of a custom doll I did a loooong time ago. But don't worry, this girl is still Draculaura! That character was a horrid Mary Sue, and I would never inflict her on anyone ever again!

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Kristen finally listed her lovely rerooted Draculaura on eBay today. She was a lot of work, but I think she turned out great!


I was very nervous about doing it, but Kristen had asked me from the start to repaint her lips. She had a small factory defect in her lip paint that she thought might bother prospective buyers. So repaint them I did...and I very nearly ruined her! I learned two very important lessons about customizing Monster High dolls today. 1). Always keep a bottle of 100% acetone in the house and 2). If you want to repaint the lips on a Monster High doll, you MUST REMOVE THE ORIGINAL PAINT FIRST!! This goes against the advice I received when I started repainting dolls XX amount of years ago. Don't worry about not having a guide for keeping the lips straight. Monster High dolls' lips are well defined. You'll figure it out. If you don't remove the original lip paint first, you'll get a horrible, chalky, splotchy, lumpy finish. Thank god Kristen didn't break my neck for messing up her doll's lips at first. She kept her cool and wiped the crap off with acetone. Painting the naked vinyl was so easy after that!

If the doll goes for her starting bid, Kristen will have made exactly $8 profit. Here's to hoping it goes higher! XD
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Chocolate Mint? by Leenechan
Chocolate Mint?, a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

It's a Takara Color Change Kira that Kristen rerooted for me with Dollyhair Saran in Mint Ice. ^0^

I've never been a huge fan of Licca dolls, with their big tomato-like heads. I've always thought that Kira was the cutest one, though. The only one I owned was the 1999 Color Change doll with the long, grass green thermal color-change hair. Which in addition to looking kind of creepy, also didn't really change color that much. I think that Kristen did a really nice job rerooting this doll. From my experience with rerooting my Limited Edition Aya with a topknot, this is not a fun hairstyle at all.

I'm going to have to find some hair ribbons for this girl.

I sewed that dress a year ago (or maybe two) for a Pure Neemo doll. I'm pretty sure I used a Licca pattern. No wonder it fits better on the Licca body...

I'm glad we found a use for the Mint Ice saran. It's a lovely color but it doesn't suit Ex Cute or Volks dolls' skin tone at all.

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Flickr is down again. LJ has been up and down lately. Doesn't anything work right any more?

I've been wanting to show off this gorgeous rerooted Dark Angels Marya that Kristen did for me within the past week. It's not often that you find a rare Volks head in great condition floating around on eBay. I'm especially grateful this time because as far as I know, this doll had the NEO body. I don't think I've ever been able to extract the head from a NEO body before.

She's been rerooted with Restoredoll saran in Mahogany. I had liked her with short, dark hair but I don't know why Volks is so hell-bent on giving Marya that manta ray hairstyle. It is seriously ugly. Why don't they give her a nice, thick bob and leave it at that?

I renamed this doll "Kirie" because that was the name I gave my female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable. I had always wanted to do a custom doll with red eyes and brown hair in a similiar hairstyle. Well...maybe this is how she'd look with her hair down. I don't think that it's possible to root a doll with short, upswept hair and all those pins...even if we managed accuracy, it would probably look stupid on a doll with such a small head.

I have to give Kristen a lot of credit for choosing Mahogany as the hair color. The heroine from Persona 3 Portable has been shown in promotional material with at least three different shades of brown hair. Screw accuracy! I prefer the hair color that looks the prettiest.

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Yes, it is another black-haired doll.

But it isn't a Pure Neemo girl! This doll used to be Volks Dark Angels Faye. I'm not sure which version, because I got her as a disembodied head on eBay. Like most versions of Faye, she used to have a ratty reddish-brown ponytail. Sorry to anyone who likes the hairstyle on Shino, Amanda and many others! I'm not sure why Volks was/is so hung up on that spiky 'do with the rat tail in back!

Kristen actually rerooted this doll for me. I think we might have had some sort of trade going on. She said she wanted to leave me more time to do "selfish things." I'm not sure what she had in mind...

She rerooted this doll with Restoredoll saran in Noir. That's right, Noir again! If you want to do straight black hair, it's definitely superior to the finer, less shiny Color Magic Midnight.

I renamed this doll "Sei," because I think she looks like the heroine of the Moto Hagio manga "Star Red" when she was in her earthling disguise. Black hair and black eyes are cool!

Meet Lulu!

Jul. 12th, 2011 07:05 pm
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"I've changed a bit!" by Leenechan
"I've changed a bit!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

I finally put the finishing touches on my rerooted Ex Cute Raili. Kristen had to help me out quite a bit with the part at the end, because the vinyl of her head was brittle compared to the other girls' and prone to big rips...I came close to ruining her...

But she looks cute, doesn't she? Her hair used to be blond. Now it's Restoredoll Saran in Noir. Her original outfit still suits her, I think.

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"I'm Cassia!" by Leenechan
"I'm Cassia!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

It's a doll!

This little girl used to be my Sweet Punk Girls! Aika. I've had her for several years, but I never liked her very much. There's just something odd about Aika, who's usually a brunette with side-swept bangs, with long, straight banana blond hair and helmet bangs. XD So Kristen finally rerooted her for me with a blend of Restoredoll saran in Cognac, Stacy Titian and Original Blonde.

For the longest time, I couldn't think of a single hair color that looked good with her cobalt blue eyes. Black would have been all right, but I already have a rerooted Aika with black hair. Dark brown would have been good but then she'd have looked too much like Wicked Style II Aika. I think this red blended color worked out great. It shimmers in natural light. :D

I renamed her Cassia, because of her likeness to my rerooted Fanny Fanny Himeno, Cinnamon. And as you may or may not know, the spice commercially available as "cinnamon" is actually cassia.

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