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"Such wind!" by Leenechan
"Such wind!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

I love the way that Cleo is glaring at that flyaway tinsel with complete and utter disgust...XD

Kristen sewed this dress last night while I played Sora no Kiseki on the PSP. She had originally intended it for Frankie, but I think it suits Cleo the best. I'm not really a fan of Cleo, but the Dead Tired version is a very pretty girl.

Kristen isn't 100 percent happy with the way the dress turned out, but I like it very much. Besides, I've seen the crap that passes itself as Cleo de Nile's fashion pack.

I left her arm bandage on because if Cleo takes off all her wrappings, she'll crumble to dust. That's what she gets for being the daughter of a Mummy!

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This took me three days to make. I used Kwik-Sew's Flounced Skirt Pattern, View B (short skirt with flounce). In order to keep this from being ankle-length like View C (which would have had a train on me), I had to shorten it 4 inches. O_O That way it's as long as it should be and stops just below the knee. I made a Medium, which used 25 inches of elastic at the waist. Isn't that kind of small for a medium? Anyway....

I used Kona Premium Broadcloth in Mulberry. Maybe the skirt looks weird in the photo, but there isn't anything structurally wrong with it, other than the fact that it's wrinkled!

I wish I could have tried this in a print, but I was happy to not have to worry about matching up the pattern for once.

I am hopelessly addicted to Persona 3 PSP. I'm playing the girl's quest. It's nice to be able to be a girl in a game for once...

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I've grown tired of sewing doll clothes lately, so I decided to try my hand at human garments. It took me two evenings to make these flannel pajama pants. I used a Kwik-Sew pattern designed for beginners. I didn't do a great job matching up the plaid (neither did whoever sewed my storebought pajama pants, but that's no excuse!)...but they are extremely comfortable. And pink.

The finished length was supposed to be 29 inches, but my inseam is a mere 27...::sobs:: I shortened these by two inches and they're still pretty long. I'm fairly petite but there was no way in hell I was giving these a 24 inch waist. I like my pants big and sloppy. I ended up making the medium size, and the waist fit perfectly. O_O

My maternal grandmother was an accomplished seamstress. She even made my mother's wedding gown, which is so tiny I can probably only fit my hand inside. My mother claims she sewed her entire wardrobe when she was growing up. She was always well-dressed (even though she hated that she couldn't have jeans) in spite of the fact that her parents' annual income was $6,000 a year.

I don't know if sewing is the affordable enterprise it used to be. These pants cost $25 to make. That's not terrible, but I'm sure you can buy much cheaper pajama pants. Still, the fabric is really nice quality. The main appeal to me is that I can shorten the patterns to fit my unfortunate figure. The average length of a petite pant leg is 30 inches. Because according to the clothing industry, 5'4'' is standard petite. :O

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Cut For Big Picture. )

Over the course of a few days Kristen and I sewed up these dresses for Sweet Punk Girls!Koron and Lien. Kristen did a lot of work on Koron's blue dress, and I did most of Lien's dress myself. Kristen is much more anal about every last detail than I am. I'm hoping her scrutinizing eye will make me a better sewer. ^o^

::sloppy topstitching on Koron's dress is my work::

::did much better on Lien's dress the following day::

Lucas was acting really cute this morning. He bopped me in the finger with his mercifully clipped claw trying to steal a styrofoam peanut I was about to throw away. I let out a fakey yelp and he starting rubbing against my ankles and winding between my legs frantically, like he wanted to make up for it right away. ^_^;...

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This morning, I opened up my doll cabinet to adjust something and my Noix de Rome Keiko fell off the top shelf and bonked me right on the nose. I saw stars. *_* No blood, though, thank Jove.

After weeks of struggle, I finally managed to finish another customized Jenny doll. I know it's been a while! As usual, Kristen rooted the hair and I sewed the outfit. She had to work quickly because she's waiting for the materials for a commission project to arrive in the mail. I think she did a great job! Still, I wonder if one of these days we should switch off, because I've rooted plenty of dolls on my own and Kristen is pretty good for a beginning sewer. XD

It's That Time Again! )

Bad Boy!!

Mar. 7th, 2009 03:23 pm
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It's a beautiful early spring day (actually, it's still winter, so it's wing?), 64 degrees and partly cloudy. Here's a blurry picture of Lucas acting like a cat-hole and going crazy while I'm trying to make my bed:

He's attacking the drawstrings on my knitting bag. I had taken pictures that looked even crazier than that, but they all came out like some slo-mo dance video. He wriggles around too much. :O

I made this dress for Himeno last night. It fits all right, I guess. ^^; I love sewing rickrack on doll dresses. I used to wonder what a normal person would do with brocade ribbon and lace tape, but after buying a few tops from Anthropologie I figured you just do whatever you want with it.

I must find...shoes....

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In keeping with 2009 being The Year of the Sewing, I made a new dress for my old Takara Castle Aya last week out of apricot dupioni silk that I bought on sale. The fabric was beautiful but frayed so badly when I was working with it that I almost cried. ;_; Next time, I'm going to have to try Fray-Chek. I've always been leery of using it because it makes my lungs feel ticklish, but I guess that if I want to sew with something other than cotton I'm going to have to get used to it. Or wear a mask. =_=

This Aya was one of my first Jenny friend dolls, ever. I bought her in the summer of 1999. I think she's been holding up pretty well. Unlike some other dolls that are only half her age, she hasn't picked up any weird smells or stains on her body. For a collector who doesn't care for fantasy color hair dolls she probably resembles Morticia Addams, but I always thought she looked like an outer space version of Olivia Hussey as Juliet. XD Because of my new love of Pure Neemo dolls I've pared down my old collection quite a bit, but I can't see myself ever letting go of this one.

Is it possible to take a picture of Aya without glare on her eye?

Aaaandd....here are two dolls I'm hiding from the cops. Actually, I've had Sweet Punk Girls Aika for a couple of months, and Koron for only a few weeks. One was picked up easily, but the other one...::bursts into tears from the memory::

I had preordered Koron for a shop-that-shall-remain-unnamed on the first day she was listed. The FIRST DAY. But somehow, by the time her release rolled around, surprise, said shop got shorted. Surprise, said shop gives no preference to the early preorders. I had to procure her via Celga off Yahoo!Japan and pay twice as much for her. I was so traumatized from the ordeal that I wonder if I'll ever buy one of these dolls again. At least, not Koron. Oh, God. Koron is too popular.

As you can see, this Koron is very cute. No, she is not straight from heaven nor is she worth cutting wrists over, but she's pretty darn cute.

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