Jan. 9th, 2017

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It's been pretty freaking cold lately! Last night was a low of 15 degrees! It's hard to believe at this time last year we were getting temperatures in the 60s. There's no such thing as typical seasonable weather in southern New England. We are a region of extremes!

This morning Booboo threw up his breakfast all over my bedroom floor. Thanks, Booboo! I'm still not shaving him to cut down on hairballs, despite the vet's advice. Last week he puked up a hairball the length of a commuter train, lol...We're lucky he drinks a lot of water. I read that you only really have to worry about hairball obstructions if the cat doesn't drink a lot out of habit and the hair dries out in the stomach. Still, we always keep a close eye on him. He'll be 10 in April and he's never had to have emergency medical treatment for any reason. Thank God.

Watching Galaxy Express 999 on crunchyroll lately. I've only watched through episode 4 and I swear this was the first episode where Tetsuro didn't kill anyone like he was Dirty Harry. Seriously. Do not get off the train. Nobody needs to die!

I reread Nozomu's two endings for the Red Light District Another Route in the digest for clarity and now it's time for me to move onto Satoya. Reluctantly. He's the most popular character in the series, but I never liked him much and damn I am tired of hearing Matsuoka in everything. I'm saving Hibiki for last because he's allegedly the main guy (in spite of being 39) and so mellow, his fake deep voice might help me unwind after all the misery.

I noticed that they injected some weird humor into the Pure Love Ending rather than just being sappy. I wonder if that's post-Sweet Clown Takuyo's new habit?

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