Mar. 10th, 2017

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It's just not very convenient for me to post using a desktop PC, boo hoo!

Checking in...even though Booboo has been given a clean bill of health by the vet in general, his first routine urinalysis came back with a few crystals. Not too many, the vet says. She's suggesting that we monitor him with a yearly urinalysis and maybe do an ultrasound of the bladder next year for stones. Other than that, there's not much we can do. Poor Boob. I feel awful because I know that if he has crystals it's because he eats dry food. I wish we could do all wet food, but his stomach is just too sensitive. We did manage to find a wet food he can eat 50/50 with dry as opposed to 70/30 like he used to (Earthborn Holistics). Maybe we can do more in the future, but I hate to push him. He can't eat fish at all and he seems to have a problem with xanthan gum.

He does love to drink from his fountains, at least.

I finished all the new material in Moratorium. And the Toudou brothers are...objectivists? In the Taisho Era? Even though the routes weren't bad, I honestly didn't care for either of them. Miyabi was a fairly boring guy like Cinderella in Taisho Alice but without his romantic side, and Itsuki, with his womanly looks and that raspy voice, was like a batshit crazy, aging diva. I was also annoyed that Nozomu had only a small part in Miyabi's route and didn't appear in Itsuki's route at all. Although his big scene in Miyabi's route was gold, lol...

Now I'm replaying all the old material, doing Satoya's After Story at the moment. Even though he's not my most disliked character, I've always found Satoya's white-knighting that I know that if he can't be a white knight, saving all the ladies, he's like a rabid animal, well...what am I supposed to think of him?

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