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It's been three months since Dad finished radiation for prostate cancer, and we have been in utter terror waiting for the results of his first post-treatment PSA test. Even though his surgery in 2015 had been deemed a success, his PSA after surgery was actually higher than the pre-op value, and after various scans and tests we had no clear evidence of cancer and no explanation. Even though the radiation oncologist initially believed that the high PSA meant the cancer probably had spread to the nodes and could only be treated with hormone therapy, the ct scan showed only a small asymmetry in the left side of the prostate bed. Suggesting that if there were anything there it could be treated and possibly cured with radiation.

So here we are, three months after radiation, and Dad's PSA is now technically undetectable. Maybe we will never know what happened for sure, but I seriously suspect surgical error. Something had to have been left behind and now it's gone. Dad's Gleason Score was 7, so I really doubt the cancer could grow back like that in 3 months after surgery. Screw the DaVinci robot! They probably left in the whole damn tumor!

Just thinking about the shit that would hit the fan if Dad's PSA never went down...I just want to eat and sleep for awhile. This has been hell. We needed this news so badly. Maybe Dad can finally put this behind him.

Date: 2017-05-25 08:07 pm (UTC)
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Oh wow, I'm sorry about the scare but I'm glad that his numbers have gone down. This must have been nerve-wracking; I think you definitely deserve to treat yourself in whatever manner is best for you.

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